Web Site Updated September19th 2017


During the season Web Site will be Updated on a Monday


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A weekly update of the League Tables is normally available on a Thursday in The News Portsmouth.



Note: If you notice any mistakes then just let me know and I will endeavour to correct.



The season commences on Tuesday 19th September.


Additional Registrations: Rule 11 Extract.


Any player(s) registered after the REGISTRATION EVENING must be paid for before they can play.


Non-compliance will result in the leg(s) played by any unregistered player being forfeited.

NO CASH should be sent via the post it is the responsibility of the team to hand any money to the League Secretary.


Note: I have received TWO extra registrations which have arrived with envelopes damaged and the money which had been enclosed missing.

Apologies were received from Royal Mail but the damage to the envelopes was caused by the enclosed money jamming in the postal sorting system.



For Cup Results please see below.


For updated Quarter Final Cup Draw please see Cup Page.


This season as discussed at the AGM I have taken on additional responsibilities therefore I require your help with recording the Most Games Won.


At the midway point of the season would ALL teams forward a list of players who have won 7 games or more which I will check and then record until the end of the season.


May I also remind you of the following rule as teams across all divisions have informed me that games are not starting until 9.00pm or later?


Rule 22:

All boards are to be clear to play on by 8.30pm, the draw should be made a.s.a.p. after this time and play commence on conclusion of the draw.



Thank you to the teams who notified me of the error in the Pairs,Triples and the wrong team assigned to two players in the singles.

The draw was checked and corrections made to the Master Lists and the Web Site corrected.



Division Four Fixtures Park Hotel should read Park Tavern



Please have a look at the fixtures and if you need to re-arrange any first half of the season games due to holidays or half term etc. please where possible play before September 19th or between December 5th 2017 and January 9th 2018.





Preliminary Round Played 12th September 2017


Division One:


Foresters Pub A 6 v Carisbrooke 3 (Preliminary 1)


Division Two:


Lee CC 4 v Queens Head B 5

Market House B 4 v Queens Head A 5

Market House C 6 v Green Dragon 3


Jayne Thompson- Mraket House C (137), Steph Lewry - Lee CC (134),

Soraya Holmes - Green Dragon (134).


Nikki Barker - Market House C (90 Checkout).