Minutes of A.G.M. 8th June 2016: RNA Club Gosport


Meeting Opened at 8.00pm and Closed at 8.40pm


Roll Call: 33 Present 12 absent of which 5 extended their apologies.


Committee 2016-2017:


Web Site Administrator/Minute Secretary: Kally Tunstall (Queens Head)

Treasurer: Ann Gordon (Trafalgar)

Secretary/Chairlady: Kim Wingate (Queens Head)

Committee Members: Stella Bain (Carisbrooke)

Claire Branscombe (Searles)

Lou Bowers (Glencoe A)

Wendy Truran (Queens Head)


Treasurers Report: Presented to the meeting for comment. No comments.


Secretaries Report - Result Sheets and the Draw:


Requested delegates to take a few minutes after a match to ensure the result sheet is complete. Names in full not just Christian names.

For clarification the highest shot out and highest score applies to the pairs and the singles.

If a team can only field 4 players then that is 4 singles and TWO pairs.


Secretaries Report - Presentation 2015-16:


The secretary informed the meeting that the attendance at the Presentation was significantly down on previous seasons and the event run at a loss.


Whilst administration costs will be reviewed she recommended that there would be no increase in fees this year or a reduction in awards, however if Presentation is not successful this year then cuts will need to be made.


The Thorngate Hall has been booked for June 3rd 2017.


Secretaries Report - Competitions to be played in Membership Venues


The above proposal was presented but rejected by the membership.



League Structure Information 2016-17:


The number of teams for the 2016-17 season is 45 hence 4 divisions will be maintained.


Cup Matches will be played on Tuesdays.



Kally Tunstall


LGDL Web Administrator/Minute Secretary